Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 91 of 365: 2012 -- What's It Gonna Be For You?!

In the past several months, I've been doing a ton of self-development work, as many of you are aware from previous posts.  Two Tony Robbins seminars, goal-setting, and my most recent endeavour; the creation of my vision book. 
First pages of my vision book
To some of you, this stuff is a bunch of foo-foo crap, and that's fine....It's not for everyone.  
It doesn't have to be your way, but it is mine. 
What I'm getting at here is that you MUST find your way to continue to push yourself to reach for those things that seem to be out of reach, and basically impossible to grasp.  
The video I posted last night of The Ultimate Warrior's - Injection of Inspiration is yet another way to find that juice that makes you take the steps necessary to live an OUTSTANDING life.  
Again, you must find what lights you up and drives you!!!
 So, as 2011 comes to a close, 

<>What will be your motto for 2012?<>
If you can't, You Must!
Live and Lead COURAGOUSLY!!!
<>What song will remind you of how to live in 2012?<>

<>What will your core emotions be in 2012?<>

<>What will your deepest values truly be in 2012?<>

<>What is possible(not probable)in 2012?<>
These are questions I urge you to ask yourself TODAY!  And as you ask, ask the questions in a state of positive expectancy, anxiously awaiting what this life has in store for you!!!  It should bring chills down your spine to think that you can do, be, have whatever you want in 2012!!! 
These questions and these daily rituals, vision books and self-development seminars are the fuel.  
FUEL UP!!!  
Have an INCREDIBLE 2012!!! 

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