Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 79 of 365: And So It Begins...

After arriving home after my week in Palm Springs, I was quickly thrown back into the world of strength, which I couldn't be happier about, by the way.  Last Friday marked the beginning of the implementation of 20-Rep Heavy Breathing Squats, which I introduced to you all through my post on Super Squats!

Let me quickly run-down the details of this training method:

First, you are to pick a weight that you consider your 10-Rep max - That is to say, a weight that you barely lift the 10th rep successfully.  Anything lighter than that and you will be wasting your time.  
NOTE: This should be the fuckin' hardest thing you've done in a gym!  Keep that in mind, and then decide on the appropriate weight.

Second, step under the loaded bar, un-rack it, and knock out the first rep.  Going below parrallel is minimum...ass to ankles is preferred!  Once you stand it back up, take 3 slow, deep, controlled breathes, holding the last to maintain tightness throughout the next rep.

Third, proceed in this fashion until you have moved your 10-Rep Max  20 times!!! Yes, 20!!!  
Remember what I said?  
This will be the most difficult thing you have done in a gym IF you do it correctly!  
Go into it with that mindset!

Now, This Friday's SWOD was our first attempt at this beast, and as I watched others perform their sets, I quickly realized that most everyone was performing the 20 reps with too light of a load.  Not because they meant to, but only because no one had ever tested themselves in this manner.  So, if during the first time doing this you realize that you too went too light, all you need to do is make a bigger jump the next effort.  Easy.  

Super Squats recommends only adding 5, maybe 10, pounds each session.  So for example, I was originally thinking about doing my 20 reps at 245, but new that that would be too light.  So I went up to 265 and knocked it out!  It was difficult, which you will see here shortly, but I know that I should have gone even heavier.  So the next time we attack this beast again, I will be moving 285 for 20 reps.  
This should be just about impossible...key words: JUST ABOUT, which is actually perfect!  
Then, the next time we do it, I will only add 5-10 pounds and continue in that fashion for as long as I wish to carry it out!  
See how it all works?

Pretty straight-forward stuff.  The biggest things are choosing the right weight, full range of motion, 3 deep breathes, and having an excellent spotter that you trust with your life!  
Chances are that if you do all of the other things right, your spotter will come in very handy, so make sure it's someone you trust 100%!!!

Alright!  Check it out, then go get some of your own!!!

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  1. Of course I watch this with the gym closed for the next two weeks! This video makes me want to get in there and move NOW!! Thank god for PT sessions. Nice post, coach.