Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Blog Project: "365 Days of Strength"

I am STOKED to announce that on Oct. 1st, I will be kicking off my new blog project,

"365 Days of Strength"

The purpose of this project is to provide you all with a unique perspective into all things STRENGTH!  
I want to take you inside the strength training realm, provide you with training tips, info-packed interviews with the area's/country's top strength coaches, and hard hitting SWODs(Strength Workout Of the Day) that you can take on to build that physical AND mental STRENGTH!!!! 

Here's the deal....I love this shit!!!  I am passionate about all modes of strength training.  Period.  This blog project will be a bare bones, stripped down work in progress for sure, but if you are serious about getting strong, and you're ready to take your strength game to the next level....all you gotta do is tune in daily.  Simple.
It's gonna be one hell of a year!  
Are you ready?