Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 69 of 365: Super Squats!!!

If you are at all serious about getting strong and building a powerful physique, 
 One of my Strictly Strength athletes bought this book for me, which was a pretty badass!  I started reading it today on my flight to California(another Tony Robbins seminar!!!), and I soon found myself reading the last page and wanting more.  
I have to be honest, I have never sat down to read a book and then actually finished it in one go!  Granted, the book is only 96 pages, but for me to knock this out in a single effort speaks volumes about the wealth of knowledge this book provides. 
I will tell you this...I am FIRED UP to get back to the Red Black Gym to put some of this info into action!!!  The potential for my athletes, the CrossFit Central coaches I train, and myself is exciting, to say the least!  
Strossen's book, "Super Squats", not only has me stoked to implement his training protocol, but it has me thinking about writing my own book, detailing the way I train and the amazing results that come as a result!  
Anyway, I urge you all to buy this book ASAP!!!  It's going to change the way you look at squatting and the way you train!  Don't worry.  Even if you don't rush out and buy this book, I will sharing some of the info from the book with you all over the next couple days. 
But, I still think you should get it! 
Great Stuff!!!

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