Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 83 of 365: Holiday SWOD From: ME To: YOU!

Many of you CrossFit Central athletes are probably aching for a WOD right about now, right?
With the stress of the holidays and the unmentionable food items you've been ingesting already...
...your body is craving some attention!

Here's just the thing!  It is quick and simple.  You can do this complex using kettlebells, as the video will show, or, if you don't have KBs, then use dumbells or any other semi-symmetrical weights you have around the house.  In fact, this may be a great SWOD to knock out with uneven loads...Worth a go for sure!

I recommend that you go for 3-5 rounds of this complex, resting only about 90 seconds between efforts.  And if possible, attempt to increase the load as you progress through your sets!  
This will definitely make you feel like you've earned that egg nog!  
Just doing my part to share the love during the holiday season...  :  )


  1. I think I need to give this 1 a try. Great 1 for me to do while the gym is closed but my garage gym is open for bizness. You gotta show up to throw up :+)

  2. Get it, Lori!!! Let me know how it goes for ya!!

  3. Gave this a go tonight. Completed 10 rounds of 6 reps. Did this using 25lb dumbells. Rested for a few then did some mountain climbers & some russian swings till muscle failure. Thanks Coach!!