Monday, December 26, 2011

Days 86 of 365: Squats For Christmas...Of Course!

On Christmas morning, Michael Winchester and I met at Red Black Gym to knock out some Christmas squats.  
We warmed up with a quick body-weight AMRAP and some light box squats.  Once we felt ready to rock, we loaded up the bar to our new challenge weight of 275.  
For those of you just joining the conversation, we have begun a new squat program inspired by the book Super Squats.  Here's the program details if you're interested...

Anyway, here is the footage...or at least some of it....

I had just enough space on my phone for you guys to see me fail miserably at my 20-rep attempt and then for Winchester to get started...BUT not enough space to see him finish.  
You guys will just have to take my word that Winchester smashed his 20 reps!!! 
The dude is gettin' SILLYSTRONG!!!  
As for me...I did not.  It's not always a PR day.  
But, I will get it the next time we hit this up...
I guarantee it!

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