Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gettin' STRONG and having FUN doing it!!!

People don't really know what to expect from the Strictly Strength Project or the Strictly Strength Class when they sign up.  Most of the time, the individuals that sign up for these programs are CrossFitters looking to get really strong so that they're able to perform all WODs as Rx'd, and/or their already Rx'd times improve.  Both Strictly Strength programs deliver that result, but the one aspect that is truly unique and beneficial is that very rarely do we time any SWOD(StrengthWOD) efforts.  That is to say that we do not perform our SWOD's "For Time".  
This seemingly minute difference is what makes Strictly Strength so potent.  It is completely different from CrossFit, but yet it makes you a better, stronger CrossFitter.  In this way, Strictly Strength programs are the perfect supplement to the CrossFit athlete's repertoire, and prevents both mental and physical over-training.  Simply put...We mix it up so that you get massive strength gains, and have fun doing it!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mobility = Strength

Recently, the folks for Trigger Point Performance Therapy came by during one of our coaches' STRICTLY STRENGTH SWOD sessions and showed us their new techniques for quickly attacking "sticky" tissue to optimize performance output!  It was an eye-opening experience for sure!  Here's one of the videos...

Often times, people(specifcally CrossFitters) forget just how important staying mobile is.  CrossFit, as we all know, is comprised of all sorts of crazy, technical movements that cannot be performed at the highest potential if there are ROM(Range Of Motion) restrictions.  The great mojority of us have some limitation in some movement that inhibits our performance in that skill, right?  But, what do we do about it?  Nothing!  We simply expect that by doing the movement over and over and over again it will magically turn to perfect movement.  Not the case!  Your ability to perform that skill may improve slightly, but usually that's because you've(your body) has found some way to cover up the weakness and tightness that causes the issue in the first place.

No.  The answer is NOT do more to get better - this only goes so far.  The answer is to dissect the movement, find the root-cause, and attack it with tissue work and mobility.  Then, once the tissue is healthy and supple again, you can start to train that movement with an increased volume.

So, to all of those of you that know you have mobility limitations, I recommend several things:
1. Spend a lot of time on the MobilityWOD blog.  This is hosted my Kelly Starrett(K-Starr), and is jam-packed with awesome information and is always entertaining.
2. Find your local ART(Actice Release Technique) practitioner and schedule some sessions.  I did a BLOG a while ago on our guy, who is simply amazing!  Sam Sneed and his partner Dave Yansey are top-notch, and will have you moving like you've never moved before!
3. Purchase your own personal TriggerPoint kit.  You can take this with you anywhere and it is a great way to keep your tissues healthy without spending a fortune!  Well worth the $$$. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strictly Strength Success v3.0

Another 8 week STRICTLY STRENGTH PROJECT session has come to a close, and as expected, there has been widespread strength gains!  This group was pretty rock-solid from the beginning, but with some technique and positioning changes they were throwing old PR's out of the window!  I have to be honest here, though...I really could care less if the individuals that sign up for the PROJECT improve their PR's.  Sure, that is a great feeling, and that is what draws people in to the program, but I am more concerned with laying a solid foundation of picture-perfect mechanics and technique!  Notice I said "Foundation".  That is exactly what I intended.  You cannot become freakishly STRONG if your foundation is weak and crumbly.  The 8 week SSPROJECT is all about forgetting what you think you know, and simply building your strength game from the ground up.  I promise, the results later down the road will be well worth the time spend laying the foundation.

Jessica Clarke
BS 175-->180
SP 75-->80
DL 205-->205

Emily Baker
BS 195-->225
SP 95-->100
DL 235-->270

Nyki Helmcamp
BS 185-->195
SP 90-->90
DL 220-->220

Esther Davis
BS 185-->195
SP 80-->85
DL 230-->255

Randy Green
BS 275-->285
SP 160-->165
DL 395-->405

Joe Sanford
BS 255-->265
SP 160-->165
DL 335-->345

Elisa Sander
BS 135-->155
SP 70-->80
DL 140-->160

Steve Henry
BS 295-->315
SP 145-->145
DL 275-->335

Jeff Horwitz
BS 175-->195
SP 105-->120
DL 235-->255

Brian South
BS 295-->355
SP 140-->160
DL 365-->425

Jason Day
BS 195-->200
SP 135-->150
DL 245-->275

Davianne Duarte
BS 145-->160
SP 70-->70
DL 200-->225