Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 76 of 365: Wake Up Call

Well, I am finally back to the ATX and settled in now, so I loaded my new morning routine video to YouTube!  I am excited to share this with you all, but if I'm being a 100% honest, I not really sure what you'll think.  I'm sure it'll seem a little crazy - especially crazy if you have a negative image of what goes on at a Tony Robbins seminar.  You're going to wonder what the hell went on during the last week.  Rest assured, I am better than ever!  I wake up and get my day crankin' with this routine.  It gives me the kick in the ass that I need.  It provides time, first thing in the morning, for me to give thanks for all the amazing gifts I have in my life, and that gratitude for my mind, body, and spirit stays strong throughout the day.

Now, I didn't film this part, but I also perform a series of encantations in the mirror.  I know, I know...this shit sounds crazy, but just in the short time I've been doing this, I've noticed a major shift in my psychology!  Things seem to simply FLOW now.  It's a hard thing to explain, but I'm sure if you try this for yourself you will notice the shift as well.  So, now's it's your turn!  Tomorrow morning, wake your ass up, jump out of bed, and start moving!  You can do what ever you'd like, just do what comes naturally at the time.  When you've knocked that out, stand in front of a mirror and repeat one of the following with some fucking conviction!!!

"I am a badass motherfucker!!!"
"Anything is possible!"
"I am Grateful, I am Loving, I am Courageous!"
"Positive, Powerful, Influential!"
"All I Need Is Within Me Now!"

This is what I use for me, feel free to steal it or create your own!!!
It's as easy as that.  
As goofy as it looks and sounds, you will probably feel even goofier doing it yourself, but remember - 
this will change your life if you own this process and give it everything you've got!  
You'll wake up and will have already accomplished more shit than most do in a day, all while experiencing true gratitude for the gifts in your life and that you are alive and you have limitless possiblities today!  
Amazingly powerful!  
Please get right to this ASAP!


  1. Not what I expected to see at all when I hit play on the video. I am going to have to mix this in and see what I get. Thank you for sharing.


  2. WTF, coach?! It looks like it's already light outside. Did you learn to sleep in at Tony Robbins? :) Thanks for posting this. I'm definitely going to give it a go (minus the extra 2 hours of sleep).