Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 68 of 365: Spice Up Your Press

How many of you out there are tired of the same old press routine?
I know that as a coach, I find myself becoming bored with all the usual training methods.  So, I always take it upon myself to mix it up as often as possible for my athletes as well as myself.  I can't stand doing the same, lame shit all the time.  That's why I love the Conjugate System that Westside Barbell utilizes to build the strongest mothas on the planet!  The same goes for Zach Even-Esh's, Underground Strength training style - that shit is intense, but is varied enough that athletes see huge gains quickly.
My point here is that if you are using a routine, you are not tapping into your true, ultimate strength.  
Here is one way to throw your body a major curve ball and elicit a potent response...
Check it out!!!