Sunday, December 11, 2011

Days 71&72 of 365: IF YOU CAN'T...YOU MUST!!!

Ladies and Gents-
I want to apologize for not getting a post up yesterday.  I thought that I would have some time to knock it out after my day at the seminar, which I 2:30am.  The problem was that my internet access code had expired.  So I just wanted to get that out in the clear.  I hope you all had just as an amazing day as I did!!

The post that I wanted to say with you yesterday was all about your morning routine.  I know that I did the WakeUp Challenge a while back, and I heard that a lot of you found that it really did help you kick ass during your day.  
That's great!  
I now want to take that shit to another level. 

How are we going to do that?  I am going to video myself performing my new morning routine, albeit slightly edited for what should be obvious reasons. :  ) 
This morning process came about on morning number two(yesterday) when I applied one of Tony's teachings:

To make a long story short - previously, every morning I would wake up and bitching to myself about having to be up.  Not what I had to do or that day's work, but just the fact that I felt like I was not rested and therefore extremely frustrated.  It drove me nuts, because I want a life of energy and vitality that is unmatched, and I wasn't living it.  I applied this simple yet profound principle yesterday morning, and I found amazing energy, strength, power, aliveness, and gratitude as a result!!! 
Sounds pretty fuckin' amazing, right?!!  
Well, it is.  
I am going to share this with you, which, in and of it's self, is a huge testimony to the things I am learning and applying at Tony Robbins', Date With Destiny.

Now, I am just as excited about sharing this with you all as I hope you are to learn it and make it your own.  Although, I'm sure some of you out there are saying to yourself, "Good Lord! What is with this guy?  What does this have to do with strength?"  
The answer is:  
Tell me this...If you woke up every morning feeling true energy, strength, power, aliveness, and gratitude?!  Don't you think that you may, just may, be a little stronger in all aspects of your life - including, but not limited to weights?!!!!

That is why I want to share this with you. I will get this done ASAP, but I tend to have trouble with uploading videos from my phone to YouTube when I'm not at home.  
Expect it to change your life!!! 

Until then...Just see if you can't dig this song!  It may be an old one....I don't know.  But this song had me jammin'!!! 

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