Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 81 of 365: Cutting & Pasting My Extraordinary Future Together

As I am sure most of you are aware, CrossFit Central is currently closed for the holidays and will not be open again until January 2nd.  I would guess that a lot of you are sitting at home, wondering what to do with all your newly freed-up time...Right?  Well, maybe not.  There is a likely a ton of holiday shopping left to do, and the family is probably soon to arrive.  I'll give you a second to take a deep breath...

So, IF you make it through the holidays :  ), I want you to challenge yourself...
I want you to create a eye-catching vision book/board that displays all of the compelling POSSIBILITIES that are in store for you in the future!!!
I have started mine, and I gotta say that although it is not even close to complete, I am stoked about what I have in store!!!
I know that there are some of you out there cussing Tony Robbins and his influence over me, but I'll have you know that the staff at CrossFit Central has been practicing this stuff for several years - long before I traveled to a T.R. seminar.  

...Back on course....

People are often amazed at how successful CrossFit Central is, and that is definitely the case.  Jeremy and Carey have done the nearly impossible by creating a CrossFit gym that now is a world-renowned symbol of quality and success.  In doing so, they have attracted the top trainers and most dedicated and focused individuals to work with them.  This is why CC is so successful - success attracts success.  
It's pretty simple really...It's those sneaky little laws at work again:  
The Law of Attraction and The Law of Proximity.
My point here is that this shit does not just magically happen.  
You must first live in the world of POSSIBILITY and work to avoid the old world of PROBABILITY.  
For many of you, this will be very difficult.  
You'll want to "dream big", but you'll end up selling yourself short because of logic.
"That will never happen"
"That's way too much money"
"I'm too old to do this now"
  If you're still breathing and you want to live a F-ING OUTSTANDING Life...
 Here's how to make get started:
1. Find as many old magazines as you can, and just start flipping through.  If an image or some words catch your eye, cut them out!  
No filters on this...Keep your damn logic and reasoning out of this!!!
2.  As you're searching and cutting, DREAM BIG!!!  
What is it that you want your life to be?
Now, a lot of you go right to the material things like cars and houses, which is great, but how do you want to be?  What purpose do you serve? What is the primary emotional state you want to be in?
These questions are far more important than, "What color Bentley do I want?"

3.  Once your fingers have started to bleed from all of the page turning and picture cutting, then it is time to build your book or board, and therefore, your future!!!
The key here is to make it as attractive to your eyes as possible.  Each person is different, but you want to make it eye-catching so that any time you walk by, you are drawn in to it.  
Get it?
My first two pages.  More coming soon!

4.  Once you've finished, put it some where that you'll see it often.  
Whether you realize this or not, your mind is extremely powerful - especially your subconscious mind.  It is able to pick up any and all info that is in your line of sight...including your peripheral vision.  So, without you even having to look directly at your board or book, your mind is able to gather and process that information any time you come near it!

5.  The last tip I'll give y'all is the idea of FAITH. 
Before you get all uppity...Let me explain.  
I don't really care what religion you practice or what you believe in, but it is my assumption that you do, in fact, believe in something larger than you at work...
If this is the case, then practice a little bit of faith.  Faith that 
That's a massive change in thought, right?  
But isn't a much more empowering one?

Try it our for at least 3 months.  
If you find that it has absolutely no effect on you or your life, then you can call me a crazy bastard.

I will eagerly await your updates and I'll keep you posted on mine.