Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 89 of 365: Sprint Effort!!!

One of the hardest things to do is to push yourself past all mental barriers during a SWOD.  
I experienced this firsthand on my latest attempt at my 20-rep breathing squats.  The mind is obviously super powerful, but sometimes with that power, the mind also gets in the way of what the body is capable of.

This week I've been putting my clients through a grueling SWOD that demands that the athlete "turns off" the mind and let the body take control.  It is a true SPRINT EFFORT workout - meaning that you push as hard as you fucking can to reach the last matter how bad it hurts.

This workout is seemingly benign, but it will kick you in the teeth during the first round and just keep punishing you 'til you're done.  
I love this kind of SWOD - hard, heavy, and fast!!! 

Watch my client, Matt push through the hurt.
Give this one a try, if you dare.  A word to the wise...Go as heavy as you can on the power cleans, but not so heavy that you are forced to rest after each rep.  The idea is SPEED!!!
Also, go as high as possible on the box jumps.  These should be 5 max effort jumps.

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