-I had the pleasure of training with and assisting Travis during the time that I spent at CrossFit Central.  In that time I went from an inexperienced and weak kid to a high level competitive athlete.  My transformation was in no small part due to the time that Travis spent with me in our 5:30 am class and our private training sessions.  I want to emphasize the word "time."  Travis spent a great deal of time coaching me on form, explosiveness, and strength and in all 3 categories I made major gains.  He spent a great deal of extra time coaching me that he didn't have to simply because he saw my desire to succeed.  He was always willing to listen to my numerous questions and he was always able to pick out what small tweaks I needed to make in my form to make my movement dramatically more fluid. 
I now own and train at Integrated Fitness in Pittsburgh and one of the things that my athletes tell me is how mechanically sound my form is on every movement.  I would not receive those compliments without the coaching of Travis.  I knew that I wanted to coach athletes one day, and the time that I spent learning from Travis helped me gain the confidence to train other athletes at a higher level.  But, one of the great things I learned from Travis is how to train every type of athlete.  I assisted Travis with the Crossfit Kids class and he showed the same quality with the kids as he did with the adults.  Kids and adults, alike, receive top notch coaching. 
I would absolutely recommend Travis as a coach to anybody.  Even though Travis is able to fire his athletes up and get them excited for their lifts, he never loses that quiet focus that makes him great.  His ability to see both the short and long term picture in his athletes helps him produce well rounded and elite level athletes time and time again.  I'm thankful for the time that I got to learn from him and I am sure that I will continue to learn from him in the future.
Jim Crowell
Integrated Fitness
-In 2009 I had been enduring some personal trials and tribulations which affected me physically. I lost weight, I was lethargic, I stopped working out in the conventional sense; however, I knew I needed to do something. I had heard about Crossfit but didn’t really know much about it. I browsed through Crossfit’s Central website trying to get a better understanding of what it meant to be Crossfit. While doing so I read over the bios of several coaches and came across Travis Holley’s blog. He certainly appeared to be well qualified and since he had his cell phone listed I decided to call him directly to get more information. We met on a Monday in early November 2009 and my first PT session began the following Wednesday.

Since our first meeting in early November, I have endured numerous PT sessions with Travis. I can honestly say he is one of the most conscientious, committed and passionate coaches I’ve ever met. He has a keen attention to detail which ensures the movements are done correctly which increases the overall benefit of the exercise and minimizes the risk of injury. He patiently described each movement and allowed me to move at my pace until I felt comfortable with the exercise.

Since working with Travis I’ve seen improvements in my strength, flexibility, stamina and endurance. However, and perhaps even more importantly, how I move functionally has improved. I’m constantly aware of how I pick up things off the floor or ground, carry things overhead and my posture has improved as well.

At Travis’ suggestion I kept a workout and food log to monitor my progress. He habitually checked my food log; holding me accountable and bringing to my attention anytime I deviated from my diet. This is another example of his commitment to his clients, ensuring he/she achieves the best results. Travis always communicated with me, asking how I felt after previous sessions and structured my workouts based on my feedback. He is always available anytime of day, whether it’s by email, text, or phone to answer any questions you have.

I have recently transferred into a regular Crossfit class; however, I don’t think I would be able to complete the WOD’s with any degree of confidence if it hadn’t been for my PT sessions with Travis. In fact he was more confident in my abilities than I was.

Travis possesses the knowledge and skills to help anyone increase their fitness level to make both the physical and mental changes they desire.

Louis Salerno
Business Systems Analyst
Austin Energy-ITT