Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 61 of 365: IF You're Feelin' SPICY...

I've got a special "treat" for you guys today! 
One that will change everything you thought you knew about "training hard".  
What I'm about to share with you will, quite possibly, be one of the hardest, most diabolical methods of training that you'll experience.  It is also one of the most effective methods by which to generate ridiculous power output and receive amazing returns in the areas of speed and conditioning....
all while transforming you into a F*#king MACHINE!!!

If I haven't scared you away, and you're still reading this, this is exactly what you need to add to your training!  
You ready?
B-R Sprints are a potent exercise that not only deliver on all of the previously mentioned benefits, but they cause a pukie sensation that is unmatched as far as I'm concerned.  The only drills that can come close are steep hill sprints and prowler sprints. 
 These are excellent options if you don't have a "buddy" to dig your ass into the ground.  
With that being said, whatever you do - you MUST start adding this to your training!!!  
Just be sure that you are smart about the volume.  Don't hit this stuff everyday and expect to see massive gains in speed and strength.  You'll most likely wear yourself out and possibly sprint your way straight to the point of overuse injuries.  I recommend getting one good day of sprinting in at least every two weeks.  Some do it more often, but I have found that my athletes work extremely hard on each sprint when it is more spaced out.  And, as you can imagine, max effort output is the name of the game when talking about any form of sprint work, but especially when hitting Band-Resisted Sprints.
Now, the question is: 
"Are you tough enough to do something that you KNOW will suck...BIG TIME?"
If you are, welcome!  
You are one of the few that works under the HARD ROUTINE mentality....and you are my family!  Go Get It!!!

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