Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 33 of 365: Mix Up Your Push Up!

Hey Guys and Gals

I opened up and saw this BADASS picture, and was inspired to write a post on it.

Bare minimum?  I think NOT!!! Next Level BADASS!!!
In yesterday's post, there were also a ton of different variations of pushup.  Some with sandbags, some with chains, some with bands, some with all of the above....and that's not even talking about hand positions or pressing off of something other than the floor, like a set of rings or dumbells!  
It pretty obvious that there are a million different styles of pushups out there for the picking.  
So why is it that you rarely see people mixing it up?

Well, my theory is that most people don't change it up because they are either unaware of the options, OR they are just plan SALLY.  They don't want to do anything harder than the bare minimum.  
You know those people, right?  
Isn't that shit annoying?  
It should piss you off a little bit.  I know I can't stand that crap!  
Take another look at the video from yesterday or the photo above and ask yourself if you think they are OK with the bare minimum?  
They are bustin' it to get better at even the most simplistic movements.  

These people should inspire you to mix up your push up for some ridiculous strength and mass gains!  
Go right now and knock 3 sets of 10 pushups, using a different variation each set.  Let me know how it goes and which option YOU like the best! 
I dig on the band and chains, personally!
See y'all tomorrow.


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  1. Who is the awesome camera person who cut your head off the entire time?? :)