Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 60 of 365: Take This SWOD For a Spin!

What's up guys
I've got a spicy SWOD for y'all to take on! 
This was actually a warm up that I put my Strictly Strength athletes through every once in a while, but as I've already discussed with you:
This SWOD is a great example of the new idea.  
To prove it,  I want you all to knock this one out and see for yourself what a true warmup should feel like and accomplish.
Also, if you read yesterday's post, you now have an understanding of how to perform a technically-sound shoulder press.  Remember, there is untapped power and strength hidden in the details of the press.  If you dial all the small pieces in, you'll find your press creeping up and up!  
During this video, you'll see Strictly Strength athlete, Ashok performing a rock-solid press - one that you can model yourself.  
Check it out! 

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