Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 46 of 365: Box Squattin' My Face Off!

What's Up, People?!

First off, I wanted to check in with you to see how your day went after waking up with a new routine?  I can tell you mine was much better! 
It's crazy to think that by simply declaring what you want of the day and yourself on that day, you can create that exact thing all throughout the day!  
Pretty powerful tool if you ask me.

As a result of my newly established morning wake up routine, I was able to smash the SWOD today, and more specificlally, I set a new PR on my 1-Rep Max Box Squat!!!  
Previously it was set at 385.  Today, I maxed it out at 405!!!  
Why am I so STOKED about this?
Well, obviously it is a new PR, and that's always something to celebrate.  But the real reason I'm so pumped about this new weight in the box squat is that it will definitely correlate to a new PR on my back squat, which was 405.  
I'm thinking I got 415 in the bag!!! 
I'll be sure to film that when it comes up, but until then, enjoy this video!

Thanks to all the coaches that showed up today!  Awesome crew!!!  Great SWOD!!!

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