Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 50 of 365: Roadmap to SillyStrong - The Back Squat


Today, I spend about 2 hours creating informational/instructional videos on how to perform the BIG lifts that anyone serious about getting big and strong needs to hit on a regular basis.  I gotta say, as weird as it sounds, it was pretty fun spending time in RedBlack Gym on my own cranking this content out!  I guess I really am a meathead.  I good with that!
Can you tell which famous meathead this is?!
Anyway, today's movement - the back squat - is a foundational piece to any program.  
I'll say this: 
If you're not performing some form of squat everyday, you are failing!  
Mix it up and GET ON IT, STAT!!!  
Here's how:

Now, I know that in the video I said that we would be discussing the Box Squat as well, but I am going to wait until tomorrow to unleash that info on you.  I want you to absorb the info that I've given you for today so that you are ready to really pick up on what goes down tomorrow, because, as far as I'm concerned, the box squat is in fact more important than the back squat....
Tomorrow, we will discuss why?  
Be sure to tune back in for that!