Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 38 of 365: Help Your Body Help YOU!

It's sad to say, but most likely you are dehydrated at this very instant.  
You may not think that that's a big deal, but you are very, very wrong!!!

As you learned in the 3rd grade, the earth is made up of 71% water.  It's the same for you....or at least it should be.  Some of us(including myself) do a shitty job of staying hydrated.  As a consequence, we are severely punishing our body and making it work overtime.  This is especially true when we require so much from our bodies and it's systems.

  Just think about it this way...If you were to go out and buy a brand new Ferrari, bring it home, drain all the oil out of it, then fire it up and FLOOR it - do you think it would run well and/or last very long?  

Hell No!!!
(If you did, I would hunt you down.)


You know better than that, right?!  
That idiotic move would result in a completely broken down, busted up, useless vehicle.
So why is it that we allow ourselves to do essentially the very same thing to our most valuable vehicle: 
It doesn't make any damn sense!!!

Here's the deal, people!  
I have committed myself to drinking, as a bare minimum, half my body weight in ounces each and every day!  Do you know why?  I'll tell you. 
I want to be a STRONG MOTHERF*CKER!!!  
If I restrict the amount of fluids I have, my body is forced to pull it from somewhere and/or take over and take control of my dumb ass, shutting me down whenever I try to run this "hot rod". 
You see, our body is a fantastic thing!  They do certain things to prevent us from redlining or "blowing the engine".  For example, if you take naps every single day, consider that your body is taking control and shutting you down so that IT can go to work to repair all the stupid shit you just did to it.  Whether that's eating 4 Big Mac's or if you simply haven't had enough water.
So here's my challenge to you:
Stop being an idiot and drink water; 71% of YOU is H2O...

Here are some great resources to get you started!!!