Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 57 AND 58 of 365: Do You REALLY Get JACKED UP!?!

If you didn't notice, I did not make a post for yesterday.  I know, I know....I messed up, but it was for a good reason.  Yesterday was my girlfriend's birthday, so the two of us and some friends went up to a cabin just south of Lampases for Friday evening, night and Saturday evening where we soon made our way downtown!  As you can imagine, it was a pretty eventful, jam-packed weekend.  So with that being said, I want to first apologize for missing a day.  
So in order to set it straight, I am writing a post with a dual-purpose!

As you can tell from the title, this is all about getting yourself amped up to do some serious damage to anything from a PR deadlift to a heavy workload this week.  My point here is this:  If you approach every aspect of you life in the same way you get pumped for a big lift, you may find that the end result is a powerful one.  
Think about it.  
What is it that you are actually doing when you are getting yourself "pumped up"?  You are creating a new, high-energy stimulus that your body reacts to in a beneficial manner.  It increases the levels of adrenaline and other high-intensity promoting hormones - all to boost the body's ability to DO WORK!!!


In the video that I'm about to show you, I want you to notice a couple things:

1.  He is a massive human being!
2.  He is NOT deadlifting in F#@king running shoes!
3.  He "primes" his body/Central Nervous System(CNS) for the work that is about to be done.
4.  Before he even approaches the bar, this lift has already been done!  The decision has already been made to make this shit happen....THEN, he does not mess around.  He attacks it(albeit with a bit of a tip-toe-sneak approach). 
5.  No Hesitation

p.s.  That "warmup" lift was 858lbs!!!  Not sure what the 2nd attempt was, but the bar nearly snapped, so....Yeah.

Some of the very same tactics will work wonders for preparing yourself for the week ahead.  Get EXCITED about the work you have to get done this week!  It is a challenge, and challenges only make you stronger....I
t's that why you read this blog?  
To increase STRENGTH?
Thought so.  
Attack this week with focus and commitment to excellence.
Then, be sure you CELEBRATE the accomplishment!!!
Celebration is our way of saying to ourselves, "OUTSTANDING job!!! You have earned this!!!"
It keeps us coming back for more...
It keeps us pushing ourselves for the BIGGER & BETTER.
It is what drives a POWERFUL, FULFILLING LIFE!

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