Monday, October 3, 2011

Off to a Great Start!

This past weekend, CrossFit Central's very own, Randal Setzler competed in his first powerlifting competition and brought home TWO 1st place trophies from the East TX Powerlifting Regionals!!! 
Randal pulling a new DL PR!

Coach Randal Setzler is renowned for his awesome feats of body-weight strength(gymnastics), as well as his kettlebell technique and coaching, but just recently, Randal started his journey to becoming "70's BIG".  This is a term that you will hear me use a lot, but basically, it means that you are going for the size and look of the "Golden Era" body-builders.

Since I have never competed in a powerlifting competition, but have a string interest in doing so....I figured that someone out there is probably in the same boat.  So, this interview with Randal is meant to inspire, motivate, and educate those out there that have not yet taken the first steps to competing.

  You can definitely expect more from Randal and I as we are already discussing a CrossFit Central Barbell Club!!!

More on that to later.

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