Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14 of 365: What a Honor!!!

Zach Even-Esh droppin' knowledge
Today has been FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!  
If you were following my live tweets, you got a small sneak peak into what we got to take part in.  Unfortunately, I am having a lot of trouble uploading videos to YouTube to post on my blog, so until I get back, all blogs will be written.  Sorry.
Anyway, today was a unbelievable experience for me!  We started out by going through some of the Underground Strength Gym's warmups.  Big Mike, Jen Cardella, and I were responsible for assisting Zach, and his athletes, all day, which is always a blast!   The certification participants knocked out some badass bodyweight movements, heavy KB farmer carrys, wall-walking and box jumps.  Then, while the participants took lunch, Big Mike, Zach and I decided to knock out a quite workout.  This was SO badass!!!  I got to workout with my idol and mentor, and to make it even more ridiculous...I programmed the workout and Zach was all about it!  (BTW...I do have footage of the workout, and I will post it ASAP.)  He kept giving me positive feedback throughout the day, which was a complete honor!  This may sound silly to some of you, but when you understand how much I look up to Zach, you'll get it!  The dude is a world-class coach and an even more amazing person!!!
Alright...enough BROmance.  Tomorrow is going to be another action-packed day, so make sure you find me on Twitter @Strict_Strength, and follow my live feed of the day's events!!!  

See y'all on the flip side!

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