Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29 of 365: Day 1 Down

Day one of the CrossFit Powerlifting Certification is complete, and it was AWESOME!!!  I'll be honest, a lot of the stuff that was taught I already knew, but to receive validation was well worth the cert. price and travel expenses! I mean, we all like to be told that we are doing things right, right?  Well, this cert. is doing that for me, as well as providing me with new ideas and thoughts that I know will prove to be extremely valuable.

The perfect example of this is our "hands-on" session today.  We worked a light box squat with light band tension for 12 sets of 2 reps, moving as quickly as possible through all 24 reps.  As soon as that work was complete, we quickly started our deadlift lecture and demo, and before we knew it, we were going for new PRs!!!  
Now, I am very comfortable with the box squat, and found myself coaching the technique nearly as much as the cert.coaches(validation).  But the deadlift technique that they taught us was something completely foreign to me.  In fact, I had a hell of a time just getting into the start position of a conventional deadlift!!!  I quickly forced myself to forget everything I thought I knew about deadlift, and soon I was pulling a new PR of 465# with relative easy.  Mind you, this is a 10# PR where afterwards I felt crippled and wrecked.  The really badass part of all of this was that I was definitely not the only one pulling massive PRs!!!  People were setting PRs left, right, and center!  One guy actually increased his PR from 405(he said he had been stuck here for over a year) to 455!!!  It was freakin' awesome!!!
Trust me!  I am super stoked to share the footage I have with you all ASAP!!  I plan on posting my first cert. video tomorrow, so be sure to check back here for that!!!
Until then, hang in there, have a great Halloween weekend and be safe!

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