Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28 of 365: More Schoolin'!!!

What's up, People?!!?

Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell
 I'm in San Antonio eagerly awaiting the first day of the CrossFit Powerlifting Certification(!!!), so I am going to make this one quick.
I'm super stoked to participate in this certification for several reasons.  But I gotta say, the main reason is to reinforce what I already know with what the experts know.  I love learning from the best and using what  makes sense to me.  I know that this weekend will be jam-packed with tons of awesome information and skill practice.  I will be filming as much of the cert. as I can, and I'll be sure to share it will you as soon as I can!  
Until then, here's what will be going down this weekend!!!  
Go ahead....You should be jealous!


  1. make jesse burdick and smelly bell PROUD!!

  2. Enjoy the Schoolin'! I want more Strictly Strength Schollin'! PR today on the BS by 20lbs. and DL by 10lbs. I want back in to the SS class! Thanks Travis for continuing to raise the Bar and the weight! Matt

  3. What can 16 weeks of working with Coach Travis do for a 140 pounder? Add 145 pounds to my CrossFit total that's what. And this is just the beginning!
    Back Squat 205--->265
    Deadlift 245--->300
    Shoulder Press 75--->105