Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 23 of 365: GETTIN' YOU JACKED!!!

This post has a very simple purpose: 
To get you JACKED UP for what ever you have going on this week!  
Whether you're a student and you've got a big exam....if you're an athlete with a major match up...a businessman or woman with a huge proposal to make...or simply "Average Joe" and just in need of a kick in the ass....
What ever IT is.  Whoever YOU are.  
Pursue that next BIG THING with relentless strength and hunger.  
It's all about YOU vs. YOU!
This video always gets me STOKED and ready to rock!  Let me know if it does that same for you!


  1. Awesome video Travis! Just what I needed to see tonight. Been stuck in low gear all day today. This got my mind right - ready to rock this week!