Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26 of 365: Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk


What sets CrossFit Central apart from the vast majority of other gyms is the fact that we TALK the TALK and WALK the WALK.  We practice what we preach.  We live the code! 
More specifically, I run my program, Strictly Strength, in the very same fashion.  I do all of the same SWODs that I put my athletes through.  I will not ask them to do anything that I am not willing to do myself.  Plain and simple.  
I have a duty to LEAD FROM THE FRONT, as my mentor, Zach Even-Esh puts it.

I take great honor in doing so.  
Without the willingness to suffer with your troops, you will lose respect and your integrity.  
This just can not happen!!!

So, as a practice in application, Michael Winchester and I threw down a nasty SWOD at our usual 1pm coach's hour.  
This was NO JOKE, people!!!  
Take a quick look...

20 minute AMRAP
3 Wall Walks
10 Up-Downs
5 In and Outs
10 Grasshoppers

3 Rounds NFT
Yoke Carry OR Zercher Walk ----->
Handstand Walk <-----
Prowler Sprint <----->
Dual KB Front Rack Carry <----->

Check out the footage of this beast of a SWOD and let me know what y'all think!!!


  1. This is a great video. Very fast, keeps up with both you and my attention. More like this!!

  2. Love this project you're doing. Meeting coaches in Chitown who also have great things to say about you! :)

  3. Dru- This was probably my favorite post yet, too! I will definitely be doing more like it. Thx for the continued feedback.

  4. Alexa!!!
    Great to hear from you, and thanks for your feedback! Ask around there...ask what they want to see. Hope all is well!