Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18 of 365: 1st Workout with Zach and Big Mike

I am back in the ATX, and have now had some time to upload some of the videos from this past weekend's Underground Strength Certification.  The video below is from the workout that Big Mike and I hit up with Zach Even-Esh, himself!

As I posted a few days ago, this was a complete honor for me. Programming a workout for my idol and mentor  was mind-blowing!!!  Not to mention, the workout rocked us all...Hahaha!  Check this out and drop a comment below.  

What did you think of the workout?  Do you find that "simple" is the way to go, or do you prefer complex, technical workouts?  Let me know!
Keep in mind, I want you guys to be a part of this community!  I can't service the community as well I'd like to if I don't know what you guys think of these posts, or want to know about in the future.  If you read it....post your thoughts and opinions.  
They matter! 

Until tomorrow, 


  1. Awesome workout! You guys really showed me how to rock people out with simple exercises.

    So I would say that a workout must be kept simple yet with a good intensity that depends on the athlete going through the training. I say simple because you may vary and add "complicated exercises", but in order to add them they must be mastered first.

  2. Will
    Great point! Definitely keep it simple with a new athlete. Too much complexity will typically overwhelm them to the point of frustration for both you and the athlete.

    Also, building a rock-solid foundation of quality movement and skills is paramount if you want to build a strong athlete.

    Thanks for the comment, Will!