Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10 of 365: Try This One On For Size!

Today's post is all about a SWOD that I'd like you to try.  You may need to sub some exercises and/or scale the loads depending on what you have available to you and/or your current fitness level, but in either case, it should prove challenging.

For now, ignore the warmup.  I will be posting some "How-To" vids on some of the movements I have listed in the warmup, but for now, I will trust that you know what works for you in order to get warm and prepped!
So once you are warm, go ahead and load your barbell for some moderate warm up sets, working your way to 80% of your 1RM.  Once there, you are ready to rock 'n' roll!  Here's how it's done...

You will perform 3 back squats, making sure that you are hitting full depth, as well as staying active in the bottom(knees out!!!).  After hitting your last squat in each of the 5 sets, you will stand at the "starting line", start the timer, sprint about 8ft and back, 16ft and back, 24ft and back, and finally, 32ft and back.  After that final sprint, immediately start your set of 20 max effort tuck jumps.  When the work is done, you will get your time for that effort/set and record it.  The goal here is to perform 5 sets of 3 perfect back squat reps, then follow each set of squats with a max effort through the sprint ladder and tuck jumps.  Strive to maintain your time, if not improve it!
Tomorrow, I will be posting a video of how to perform some of  the exercises in the warmup, as well as those in part B of the SWOD.  It's a quick, nasty finisher that is sure to have you busted up by the end!  
Look for that tomorrow.

3 rounds
20 total reps of a heavy DB floor press - alternating 
10 heavy right-arm DB Muscle Snatches
10 heavy left-arm DB Muscle Snatches

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