Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15 of 365: PSYCHED!!!

 It never fails...

Whenever I spend time watching, listening, being around Zach Even-Esh, I get freakin' JACKED!  This guy is so passionate about what he does and helping people do what they love.  The vibe that Zach puts out is one that people either hate, or they absolute LOVE(more likely).  He's able to create a relationship with a viewer from a thousand miles away by being himself...being real!  It's straight up POWERFUL!!!

I think everybody can learn some valuable lessons from Zach:  
Lesson 1.
Whatever it is that you love, you gotta pursue that passion with unwavering commitment.  If you do so, you will always be happy, and most likely, you will be very successful.
Lesson 2.
You gotta be REAL.  If you change who you are at heart in order to make money
(fill in your own desire), it will never happen.  Plain and simple.  Now, that's not to say that you aren't constantly working to improve yourself; that's where true strength comes in to play....You have to be strong enough to realize where you are mediocre.  

I'm sure you can tell by now that Zach is a HUGE inspiration in my life.  I am constantly taking Zach's lessons and applying them to my life.  And I know that there are literally millions of people out there that feel the same.
For that, and for the impact this guy has made in the world....
Thank You!!! 

Now, I'm ready to get home and rock this new found fire.  
You guys better be ready to hang with me....
We are gonna blow it up!!!

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