Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 30 of 365: An Amazing Investment!!!

I am back in Austin, and I am FIRED UP!!! 
This past weekend was FREAKIN' AWESOME!  Ihave come away with a new insight into how to train OPTIMALLY....and the prospects are exciting, to say the least.
L-->R: Me, Laura Phelps, Shane Sweatt, Jeff McKinney, Conner Moore
 In my post yesterday, I mentioned that a lot of the information covered during Day 1 was actually a refresher for me.  Well, today had tons of new information that I soaked up like a sponge!  
I gotta say, I am stoked to begin implementing more of the Westside Barbell/Conjugate Method into my Strictly Strength Project and Strictly Strength Classes.  I have no doubt that my athletes, as well as myself and the CrossFit Central coaches that I train, will see some amazing progress during the next few weeks and months....and that's just the beginning!  
Ask anyone in my Strictly Strength Project/Class what they enjoy most, and I am willing to bet that their response would have something to do with the huge variety of training modes and tools we use.  
Well, it's the very same thing for the Conjugate Method.  They rotate through a crazy amount of exercises, all with tons of different variables that allow for consistent and massive gains while staying mentally and physically healthy and fresh!  
Pretty amazing stuff when you consider the amount weight they move and the intensity at which they work!

My point here is this:  This weekend definitely validated the type of training that I utilize for myself and my athletes.  On the other hand, it opened my eyes to where my programs are lacking.  All in all, this weekend was one of the best investments I could have made in to Strictly Strength, the Coaches' SWOD, and myself!!!

Thank you, Laura, Shane and especially, Louie Simmons for providing this opportunity!

All I can say is that you all better be ready for some SIC content coming your way!!!

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