Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 166 of 365: Raw Simplicity

As you guys know, I am a major proponent of keeping shit simple.  
I am a simple guy, and I program in the same way.  
That DOES NOT mean that it isn't effective or that it is easy!  
In fact, in my experience, I've found that keeping it simple produces HUGE results.  It also allows athletes to learn and pick up techniques easily - allowing them to see results sooner and increase the level of complexity at their own pace.  This continued active role in their own training provides them with sense of ownership and opens the door for them to create new and challenging ways to push their own limits!
Check this video out!
My 7am STRICTLY STRENGTH is a perfect example of this.  They consistently impress me with their adherence to the program, as well as the passion and creativity they show when I let them "roam free".


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