Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 177 of 365: Speed Kills!

In STRICTLY STRENGTH we rarely put the clock on any of our SWODs, but that doesn't mean we don't move FAST!!!  In fact, I put a huge emphasis on moving weight - regardless of load - as fast as possible!  This is an idea that I've discussed before, but it would be beneficial to remind you all.

We'll keep this simple...Think of it this way - whenever you're moving, let's say, a only get a certain amount of time to accomplish that lift successfully.  Now, that's not to say that the judge is timing you and will cut you off if you're too slow.  It means that, depending on the load, the energy that the body can produce will only last so long.  At some point - sooner than later with larger loads - the force of gravity will overcome the body's energy and ability to create speed and momentum on the bar.  
Pretty simple, right?
If you can move weight faster, you will move more weight further in a shorter period of time- providing you more time to play with even larger loads!  
Get it?!

So, now that you and I are on the same page, I invite you to watch one of our dynamic effort sessions.  These guys in the STRICTLY STRENGTH 7am crew are INTENSE.  They love competition, so in order to really push the pace, I turned this into a friendly competition.  The first team to knock out their 20 sets of 2 didn't have to put up their weights!  
Check it out!

- For all you coaches out there -
I urge you to really get to know your athletes on a deeper level so that you can better motivate and inspire your athletes.  If you neglect this part of your training relationship your athletes will not reach their full potential.  This is easier than it sounds....JUST PAY ATTENTION!
Pay attention to how different types of workouts and schemes affect your athlete.  Everyone reacts differently, so it's critical to know how to best serve your athletes!!! 

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