Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 171 of 365: A Whole Lotta KEG!

When you're looking for that next, new and improved piece of equipment that you THINK will make all the difference in the world....
 In my opinion, the keg is one of the most effective training tools a strength coach can use.  Because the keg is fairly awkward, it requires a very intuitive technique to move it efficiently.  
(I know, this may seem backwards to you, but trust me!) 
Mankind has been moving awkward shit since DAY 1...We are genetically designed to pick up and move these types of odd objects.  This inherent "know-how" makes the keg a very simple tool to utilize, while also delivering an amazing return on your investment: coaching time.  You'll  see what I mean when you view the video below.
Today was the first time for these three STRICTLY STRENGTH athletes to experience the keg.  You'll see how quickly I run them through the technique cues, as well as how quick they pick it up and start knocking out a badass SWOD.  
Again, I am a huge fan of the keg!  This is only one of the ways that a coach or athlete can use the keg.  Stay tuned to find out the others! 

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