Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 175 of 365: Killer, Time-Friendly Workouts

Today was the first day of the Underground Strength Certification here in Austin, and more specifically, the Read Black Gym!  It was an action-packed day, and the energy of the cert. participants has been off the charts - These guys and gals are freakin' HUNGRY for knowledge and opportunity!  I'm lovin' it!
It never fails....whenever I get the amazing opportunity to help Zach out with a UGS cert., I find myself becoming more and more fired up about what I do - my mission.  It's really simple: I was put on this earth to add value to the lives of others.  I am aware now that I do this is many ways, but my primary tool is coaching!  I coach fitness.  To some of you, that may seem more like a job description than a LIFE MISSION, but I coach with passion and truly give a shit about the well-being of my athletes.  In this way,  others are able receive and adopt a life build on the foundation of health, strength, and energy!  Those of you that have already made that life altering choice - to live a life of strength and energy - know the power it creates in all other areas of your life, True?
This may be a stretch, but my mission is simple, but has profound effects on not only me, but those around me.  This parallels the type of training that is being taught this weekend.  It is simple(not easy), but profoundly effective in achieving results!  
Things do not always have to be complex or complicated.  In fact, sometimes it is far better when it is cut and dry!
Check out some of today's workouts, and give them a try for yourself!  Drop a comment below with your thoughts on today's post and the results of your LEG CRANK and DB COMPLEX LADDER!

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