Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 178 of 365: BIG NEWS!!!

As I reach the halfway point of 365 Days of Strength, I am stoked to announce that I have enlisted the services and expertise of Jonathan Haynes to convert my current blog to an actual website!!! 

 I will continue to post here for about a week or so, but after that I will be utilizing all the badass tools and gadgets that the website provides!  I gotta be honest, though...the reason I am so excited for the change is so that those of you that read my blog and have some sort of feedback can now post your comments with ease.  I've heard over and over from readers that they try to post their thoughts on my current blogger site, but it never ends up showing up.  
Well, now that problem is taken care of!

Will be live by end of day tomorrow!  I would love for everyone to check it out!  Just keep in mind that it is still a work in progress.  There are still some minor details that remain to be ironed out, but nevertheless, it's definitely next level!!! 

Until then, feel free to click the FaceBook link at the bottom of my front page to LIKE the 
STRICTLY STRENGTH page.  It's just another way for you to stay in the know!

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