Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 150 of 365: Where It All Started!

It only seems fitting that on this, the 150th day of blogging, that I post the next STRICTLY STRENGTH PROJECT information and registration.  This is where it all began.  This whole "365 Days Of Strength" blog project was built on the foundation that my STRICTLY STRENGTH PROJECT provided.  
Now, you may be wondering, "What exactly goes on in the SS PROJECT?"

First off, let me tell y'all how this has come about.  I LOVE MOVING HEAVY SH!T. Period.
I love the intense rush you get when you blow through an old Personal Record(PR) in any lift, but specifically the slow lifts - Deadlift, all variations of Squat, and the static Presses.  I'm sure we can all admit that it is addicting, right?  Every time you grab that barbell, you want a new PR...you NEED a new PR!!!  Unfortunately, it doesn't always work like that.  Strength training is not quite a linear process, but I want to get you to uncharted territory with your slow lifts!  I love helping others blow through old PR's more than doing it for myself!  It's why I do what I do.  To see the excitement on the face of someone that just added 25# to their deadlift is truly awesome!

So...now for the details.

The PROJECT is a unique opportunity to develop strength and weightlifting "know-how".  Regardless of your experience level, weekly sessions are specifically designed to challenge, educate, and empower each individual - all while getting you STRONG!!!

*Baseline Strength Testing*
*Goal Setting*
*Nutrition Coaching*
*Mental Preparation Training*
*Periodization of Programming and Re-Testing*
**and, of course, RESULTS** 
  • Each 8 week session is capped at 9 people - 3 groups of 3
  • Open to anyone, including non-CrossFit Central members
  • $400 if paid in full, or $225 if paid in 2 payments
  • The PROJECT will run 8 weeks ON/4weeks OFF
  • PROJECT meets once each week for 8 weeks
  • PROJECT session times are:
    • Saturday 6-7am
    • Saturday 7-8am
    • Saturday 8-9am

If you have any questions before getting started, you need to contact me ASAP!!!
on Twitter @Strict_Strength
  Otherwise, enroll quickly, as spots are limited and will fill up fast!   
I am stoked to get STRICTLY STRENGTH rockin' and rollin'!!!

Starts Saturday, March 10th 
Ends Saturday, April 28th

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