Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 135 of 365: Underground Lessons In Strength

I was "flipping through" my old videos on my phone today, and came across some clips of our training sessions with Zach Even-Esh and his certification crew from about 6+ months ago.  As I watched these, I automatically got fired up for his upcoming visit to the ATX for his next Underground Strength Certification.
To be a part of his certification was freakin' awesome!  The types of people that show up for his certs are just like you and me in the sense of we are all driven to always advance our knowledge so that we may pass it on to others, and by doing so, add value to their lives!  
To put it simply, the experience is worth the price of admission alone...
you get blown away with the training methods and business know-how that Even-Esh provides.  
Zach does this is such a way that makes you feel like you are just chatting with your best friend...the atmosphere is electric at times, and comfortable and casual at others. 
It's truly one of the most valuable certifications and experiences I've had as a trainer and coach, and has completely altered the way I train myself and my athletes...
Check out some of our training session below.

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