Sunday, February 5, 2012

Days 126&127 of 365: Bring It!!!

Hope everyone has had an amazing weekend, filled with fun and recovery.  My post today is to start snapping out of the "weekend mode", and prepare you for a F*CKING OUTSTANDING week!
One thing I want you all to be aware of this week is the energy you bring to your day and the obligations and activities you have during each specific day.  I've talked about this before, but it's worth repeating.  Honestly, if you are conscious and aware of how you're being and the effect you have on others....most of the work is done.  So many people are completely ignorant to the fact that you, as the human machine, can quickly change your attitude and state so as to automatically alter your energy that others sense.  Many people don't "check-in" with themselves when things are not flowing.  They do not do the work to discover the cause and effect of their daily lives...They are asleep and unaware to what's possible.  It's sad, really.
It's sad because, as I've said before.... 
Great Days Make For An OUTSTANDING LIFE!!!
Take on the week...take on each day with the best energy possible.  When you slip, because you will slip, check-in, change your state and you will quickly find yourself flowing through your week and making it a habit!
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