Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 129 of 365: Just Another Tuesday

Yesterday's post was all about recovery....Let me tell you all why I take it so seriously...
Today started at 440am.  I have a client that I work with at 530am, then I drive to Red Black Gym for my 7am Strictly Strength class that runs until 8am.  I then quickly follow that up with another personal training session.  Then...I get my first workout in for the day.
We have recently started working the olympic lifts in what we are calling the OlySWOD.  You'll see in the video below that today's focus was speed under the bar.  In order to force the issue, we threw some chains on and it turned out to be an awesome training tool that really got the job done!
As soon as that session is over, I have two personal training sessions that take me all the way to the 1pm WOD.  Today, we knocked out a SWOD that focused on volume training for weighted pullups, box squats with added chain loading, and then some strong man carries and walks thrown in between sets of heavy floor press.

So, I'm sure that y'all can now see why I press the issue of recovery and mobility.  There is no way that I would be able to perform at the level that I do if I ignored these rules.  I hope that you all start taking this stuff as seriously as I do...If you're not already.

Enjoy a sneak peak in to our training!!!

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