Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 131 of 365: On FIRE!!!

Hopefully y'all aren't sick and tired of me posting/bragging about my FireSWOD crew...
Because I'm about to do it again.  Hahaha. 
Today's session was intense!!!  
We had the tunes CRANKED almost as high as the energy in the gym.
These guys and gals punch in at 10am and bust it for an hour straight, and today that was especially true.  
The name of the game for today's SWOD was several short, sprint-effort SWODs.  I allowed just enough time between for set up and explanation, then we were off to another spicy addition.
Check out some of today's session and then give it go yourself.  I challenge you to bring the same energy and effort that these badasses do.  
See what effect it has on the overall impact of your workout.

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