Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 133 of 365: An Important Question...

What's up everybody!

I was searching through YouTube today, looking for something valuable that I could share with you all, and I found this video of my man, Zach Even-Esh talking about "How To Become a Stronger Man".
Now, for anyone out there that has been following my blog for longer than a week, I'm sure you can tell by now that when I discuss STRENGTH, I'm not only talking about the physical side of it.  I am of the opinion that if you can develop mental and spiritual strength, the physical is sure to follow.
So with that being said, this video that Zach put out really spoke to me.  I am always looking for sources of inspiration and influence, and Zach has always been one of the men that I look up to as an idol and mentor.  So it's probably not a coincidence that I share many of the same views and outlooks on life, which he breifly discusses in this video.
Check this out!  And for the men out there....Ask yourself what you MUST do to become a STRONGER MAN!  Check in with yourself and be completely honest with yourself....Did you do an OUTSTANDING job at being a MAN today?  
If so, great!  
If not, do the work....make the change...and get it done tomorrow.
Til tomorrow....

One final note:  
Remember that Zach will be in Austin March 24-25th for the 2nd Underground Strength Certification!!!  This is a life-changer, whether you are a coach or not, this certification is packed with tons of valuable information.  
Check HERE for more info and registration.

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