Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 139 of 365: Curls For The Girls!

During today's session with my long-time client, Mike, I decided that we would throw a new twist on some old school exercises just to make it a fun, yet still challenging SWOD to finish out the week.  

It's interesting...I read a post on Facebook that someone wrote about how the bicep curl has become the "bad guy" in the eyes of CrossFitters.  His point was the bicep curl is just as vital a movement as the deadlift or squat.  Now, I'm not in total agreement here, but I do acknowledge the fact that doing curls is a super effective way of building upper-body strength, and has a positive effect on all other "pulls", including pullups, muscleups, strongman log lifts, and even assists in some phases of the Oly lifts.

Now, I will let y'all know that you are about to see this man do some bicep curls, but will a wicked twist.  For those of you that are so stuck in your ways that you can't accept ALL training styles and exercises, and see them for the benefit that they provide, then go on your way.  
You probably shouldn't be here anyway. 

For those that are open to ALL methods and utilizing the quality pieces of each style to build the best all-around program...I hope you enjoy this!  
Give it try yourself and let me know how it goes.

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