Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 125 of 365: Facta Non Verba

Winchester about to BEAST 295
 Today marked the 6th week of the Super Squat program that I and some of the other CrossFit Central coaches have been hitting.  Michael Winchester and I both started this program at 265, and now I am sitting pretty at 295 and Michael is about to enter the realm of 3 bills!!!
 When we started this program, we knew that it would be difficult, but we really underestimated how much it would test our resolve and our character.  I will tell you Friday approaches, my mind goes into *that* mode of operation...of complete focus...of tunnel-vision.  I find it hard to fall asleep on Thursday nights and the anticipation on Friday mornings is almost unbearable.
As a result, though, we have all seen increased gains in all of our other lifts.  The carry-over from the massive workload is pretty damn obvious in regards to how we are moving weight and attacking new PRs.  But I have to say that the most distinct and valuable pay-off has been in the mental toughness that this program requires and creates each week.
Every week, we step under more weight knowing how difficult it was the week before.  
This alone takes a massive dose of "SACK THE F*CK UP!"
The Aftermath
In addition to that, not every week is considered an "On-Week".  We've all been there.  Things just are flowing the way that you would like, but what we've learned is the invaluable lesson of being able to flip the switch.  To turn your mind off and focus on one thing for a specific purpose, knowing full well that it will be the hardest f*cking thing you do until next Friday.  This ability to focus your mind, body, spirit and the combined energy from all three has been a truly spiritual experience for me.
The gym is where I connect with myself.  The gym is where I connect with others.  The gym is where I grow, where I learn from my mistakes and build upon them to become stronger on all levels of being human.
Facta Non Verba
I only hope that you all have something this special in your life that gives you all of these gifts...and moreover, 
I hope that you appreciate every moment you get to be in that space.  
If you don't...Find it.  
Growing(on any and all levels) is Living. 

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