Sunday, January 22, 2012

Days 111, 112, &113: Busy, But Loving It!

What’s up guys?!
I’m sure that those of you that follow my blog regularly noticed that I have not posted since Friday!  You may also be aware that the 5th annual Fittest Games went down Saturday!  There is a direct correlation between these two.  I’m not going to waste your time explaining detail, suffice to say, that I have been extremely busy getting everything ready for the competition, carrying out the competition, and recovering from the competition...Not leaving a lot of time to produce quality posts.  For that, I apologize.
So,  back on track. 
There is a ton to get y’all caught up on!  When I last left you, we were gearing up for the 1st annual Feather-weight Fury Throwdown.  I will tell you this…the competitiors, spectators, and “event” was ridiculous!!!  These guys blew me away with their heart and efforts!  I knew they would bring it, so I asked our very own media master, Jonathan Haynes to be there to film the carnage. 
I am stoked to see what kind of video he comes out with…I know it’s going to be SICK!!!  Be ready for that to drop soon!

In other news, The Fittest Games happened!  Yes, I know that many of you were there or at least knew about the event.  I just quickly wanted to give my two cents on the event and all the people that made it what it was.
I ran Pad 1,which, as it turns out, was the heavy lifting area.  Needless to say, I was JACKED not only to be running that section, but also be so close to these amazing athletes doing extraordinary things with extreme loads!  
Obviously, that alone is pretty badass, but on top of that, the people that were assigned to me as judges and volunteers rocked it!!!  I received many complements on how smoothly everything ran, and how impressed spectators were with how everything ran right on time.  None of that would have been possible without the hard work of my judges and volunteers.  I truly appreciate everything that each of you did, no matter how seemingly insignificant or important it was.  We ran that pad with excellence and people took notice!!!  Thank you!
One final note….I want to give a quick shout out to Michael Winchester and Ingrid Kantola for the excellent work they did to produce this outstanding event.  The countless hours of planning paid off big time.  I’m so proud of you two!!!

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