Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 122 of 365: First Edition Strictly Strength Shirts!!!

That's right!!!
After much antipaction, I have decided to create the first-ever STRICTLY STRENGTH shirt!!!  I worked with Cris Remus of Chalk Monster to design a shirt that encompasses the brand and the lifestyle of those that live with strength. 
On the front is the STRICTLY STRENGTH logo in white and red, dead-center in the chest.  In the lower left corner is a "ghost" image of the same logo.  On the back of the shirt is where the work gets done.  Anyone that has spent a lot of time in the gym squatting big weight has undoubtedly chalked-up their back for increased friction between barbell and lifter.  In my eyes, that chalk smear is a symbol of someone that is dedicated to strength, so we have placed that iconic mark on this shirt as a sign to others that you take this shit seriously.
I am stoked to share these with you all, and hope to see "the mark" everywhere! 
This is the beginning of something BIG! 
Be a part of the ever-growing STRICTLY STRENGTH crew. 

$25 For the 1st Edition SS Shirt


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