Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 98 of 365: More Super Squats!!!

Yesterday was the SWOD Crew's dedicated "Super Squats" day. 
 This is when we all up the weight and go for a new 20-rep max.  Now, as you'll see in today's video, each lifter performs a rep and the follows it up with 3 deep breathes.  This is what makes this training method so potent - Don't neglect that piece if you decide you want to take on your own 20-rep gut-check!

The first lifter is Cris Remus, aka Chalk Monster.  You'll see this in the video, but Cris does a excellent job with his breathing.  Again this is the key to getting the maximum benefits from the program.  You'll feel the need to rush the breaths when you start to panic around rep 12 or 13...

You'll also see Crystal Nelson banging out 20 reps with ease.  It was her first go with this 20-rep experience.  You'll notice that she performs her 20 relatively easily, but to be fair, when you do this your first go, you'll most likely not go heavy enough either.  That's really not a problem.  In fact, it's probably a good thing to stay on the lighter side for your first set of 20 just so that you are introduced properly without ruining yourself completely and never wanting to do it ever me...even if you go slightly lighter, you'll still get a crushing SWOD.

There are plenty more videos from this session that I will be posting tomorrow, so be sure to check back here for some more amazing efforts and some big weights being moved for a load of reps!!!  

Lastly, I urge you guys to try this for yourselves!  This is an amazing way to develop your physical strength, your mental toughness, and cause your body to release huge amounts of beneficial growth hormones - only further promoting your physical strength.  It's straight-forward and very simple(NOT easy).  It's a beautiful thing...

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