Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 109 of 365: Feather-Weight Fury THROWDOWN!!

I am excited to announce the first-ever Feather-Weight Fury THROWDOWN!!!
That's right, people!!!  We are about to witness two of CrossFit Central's lightest male athletes, Benjamin Palmer and Randal Setzler, take on an epic challenge, a dual to the death of body-weight back squats!  
It's going to be packed full of AWESOME! 
The Throwdown goes down Friday morning at 9am, so anyone is welcome to come witness and pump up our pint-sized studs!  
They may be on the smaller side, but they throw the weight around!  It will be worth missing work...TRUST ME!
Here's a little bit of a teaser, just to get you JACKED for what's about to happen.
Now, to be fair, I didn't give BPalmer a chance to make his trash-talk video yet, so y'all can expect that tomorrow! 

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