Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 99 of 365: Lessons From the Elderly

I was completing my 3rd trip to HEB this week this morning, and while I was waiting in line, an elderly lady was checking out in front of me.  This is usually my entertainment for the shopping experience - most older folks write checks still, and write them in even the smallest amount and take the longest time doing it - but, this lady was a bit different.  She had nearly $200 worth of groceries in her cart...none of which was quality, but we'll leave that alone for now.  
What was so cool about this lady is that she kept saying that, "Life is Good".  Not something you hear very often coming from an older person.  It was obvious that she was loving her life, even in her later years, which I admire greatly!  
But the awesomeness doesn't stop there.
As most baggers do, the young lady loading her items into bags asked if she "needed help out with that?" The elderly woman quickly responded with, "No, thanks.  I've got it."  Keep in mind that this shopping cart was packed!!!  I was totally inspired by this woman.
It's truly amazing when you get the privilege of seeing someone display their own strength when it's least expected.
Now, to bring this story to a close...the lady began pushing her cart, but before she was too far away, she said once again, "Life is good!"  
Sad to say, though, the young lady at the check stand replied under her breath with, "Yeah, I guess...  some days."
I wanted to tell this girl to wake the F#CK up and take a lesson from this badass old lady!!!!
There is a lot to be learned from this experience, and I am sure that each of you will come to your own conclusions.  So, I'll just let you do that!
Let's realize our own strength this week and KICK SOME ASS!!!

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