Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 107 of 365: Boat Burners!!!

For those of you that don't know...The 2012 I Am CrossFit - Civil War challenge kicked-off a little over a week ago!  This 8 week challenge is CrossFit Central's largest and most intense.  Participants set big goals in the area of body composition, athletic performance, nutrition, and any over-arching areas that they want to make a massive impact! 
This past weekend, I set our team's first Team Boat Burners WOD.  I was stoked to see that all but one athlete showed up and kicked ass!!!  I will say that this is the most JACKED I've been for a challenge, and it's all because of the energy and intensity that my athletes are bringing!
On a semi-related note - I've also encouraged my athletes to create a vision book of their own that displays what they want for their life.  This is where our team name comes from.   
We are going to kick-start the life that we've always wanted and deserve...
We will BURN THE F*CKING BOATS to get it done.  
No hesitation.  
No doubt.  
No other option but to succeed!
I urge you all to live by this same code!
Check out my athletes crushing their first team WOD!!!

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