Friday, February 19, 2010


Let me first start out by saying that my last post must have taken a lot of "blogging energy" out of me, because I definitely have not been staying on top of it. But, now I'm back!

Today, after coaching my 5:30am coed class at RunTex and assistant coaching the 6:15am class with JDP, I came home, made breakfast, and sat down in front of the computer to check emails, etc. Being the avid CrossFitter that I am, I have as my homepage. This morning there is a video interview of one of my biggest inspirations in the CrossFit world - Todd Widman.

Todd has been an instructor at every certification that I have attended, and I have had the pleasure of talking to him briefly outside of the certification realm as well. I do not claim to KNOW him on a personal level, but I do know that he is a truly inspirational human being, as this is the effect that he has had on me as both a CrossFit coach and now as a CrossFit athlete.

His form of coaching(every coach has a unique form) is built on a foundation of PASSION for what he does, GRATITUDE for what he has been given, and living with INTENSITY! - A lesson anyone can take home and use.

Let me be clear here. I LOVE being a CrossFit coach!!! It is my calling in life to introduce people to a lifestyle of FUNctional fitness that allows them to discover their untested human capacities and untapped inner strengths. This is my PASSION!...

Sometimes you just need an inspirational moment to reignite that passion...Today, Todd's passion has done that for me. Thanks!


  1. Great post.

    As you are inspired by Todd, know that there are those who are inspired by you. In the last part of the video, Todd describes exactly how I felt about my workout this morning. I personally think it was the most significant workout I've done since joining CrossFit. Huge mental barrier - SMASHED - thanks to you and JDP.

    It's not just me either... When I came in at 6:00 I saw Sonia finishing up her workout with a loaded barbell and thought back to just a couple of months ago when she was PVC-only. It was an inspiring mix of pride/pain on her face when she dropped that bar after her last set. Then she went for a run!!!

    You inspire us. That has brought us a very long way in our personal development (mental and physical) and I think I can speak for Sonia and the rest of our classes when I say we definitely appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work!